The Liebster Award

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A Poem

I read books,  And revel in sunlight. I see the earth for  How beautiful it is  And walk through  Woods of discovery. I sit in the solitude, with perfect  Peace and prosperity. And yet. I am lonely.

Thoughts for a Fading Year

You guys… please read this. It is truly the attitude I think we should all strive for. :)) ❤

The Sarcastic Elf

Ah, 2020. The year from the void. Over the past week, I’ve seen so many people laugh about shaking the dust of it off their feet as they charge into the New Year, hoping 2021 brings them better luck than its unfortunate predecessor.

That makes me sad.

No, I’m not going to enrage the population (or worse – the internet) by saying something trite. (Count your blessings! It could’ve been worse.) But I think hoping for a better year is setting us up for a quick and premature disaster, because chances are it’s not going to come true.

What happened, happened, and it will happen again, and this fallen world will spin on in its course of destruction until it tears itself apart. I am not surprised by evil. Pain is nothing new, and as the years go by, it only grows older and stronger. I am not surprised…

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Recent Watches and Other Interesting Discoveries and Goings-On

Heyo cheerios! As the title suggests, I have compiled a list of interesting things I've found and read/watched recently. I always love it when other people do it, so I thought, why not me? The theremin- There is a mind blowing instrument I just heard of. Get this: you play it by not touching it! … Continue reading Recent Watches and Other Interesting Discoveries and Goings-On