A steady drip drip drip came before breakfast nearly every morning. Similarly, the steady bang! bang! bang! of her father's gun never failed to crack the still air. Every single day, since two months ago. He practiced for an hour every day, out back in the tall weeds, standing like a forgotten ghost in the … Continue reading Grey

A Brown Mood

The brown grass crunched distinctly under the man's footsteps. Each one seemed louder to his own ears than the first, grinding his nerves. It was like trying to hunt deer- no, no. He shook the thought out of his head, disturbed. He was approaching a boy, that was all. He just didn't know how. Perhaps … Continue reading A Brown Mood

Marvel Readathon Announcement

Heyo cheerios! Check out Diamond’s epic Marvel readathon! ❤

I Have 12% of a Plan

Hey Guardians! You’re in for an extra special treat today!

That’s right, for my blogiversary, I’ll be doing a Marvel themed readathon! I came up with some prompts to fit the different MCU movies and TV shows, and you are going to pick books that fulfill those prompts. I also made an Instagram account and hashtag for you guys to follow along at. Check it out here.

The readathon will be taking place from September first until September 30th.

Here are the rules. First up, you can double up on prompts! This means that if you find a book that fits with 2, 3, or even 15 of the prompts, you can use it to count for all of those prompts. I hope to make this readathon very flexible for everyone.

Secondly, you have to complete 6 of the prompts in order to win. I feel that that’s…

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