Inhale? Negative, sir. It felt like someone was crushing his lungs. Squeezing, squeezing. And then he woke up. The sensation lingered in his chest, and he rolled out of bed, all the while gulping air desperately. The nightmares seem to be getting worse, sir. He stood in front of his tall mirror, rubbing his chest … Continue reading Red

Playlist Review// ANNOUNCING SarahThea Blog!

My. cheerios. My lovely friend Sarah has decided to leave her old blog, Paraphernalia, behind, and although in some ways that is sad, it's also exciting and wonderful! I am here to announce her new blog that has started up... SarahThea Blog! Now, I'm not just announcing today. 😉 I'm going to be reviewing her … Continue reading Playlist Review// ANNOUNCING SarahThea Blog!