Adventures in Blackout Poetry

Heyo cheerios! Today I am excited to present to you my results of trying blackout poetry for the first time. 😀 I have an old encyclopedia that I am using as an art journal (thanks to Grammie, who gave it to me for that purpose. <3), and with some of the pages I messed around and found these pieces. Enjoy. 😉

(Note: The poems start at the biggest black blob, and once the streak ends, start at the next one. They may also be confusing, but that means you’re reading them wrong. 😉 )

It think that one is my favorite. 😀 I don’t know, but something about “a personal friend of any real sense” gets me. XD

It didn’t seem right to cut out his picture. 😛 This one was created much earlier, and it was a pleasant surprise to find it while I was flipping through the book. 🙂

I like this one a lot, too.

The left line starts at the bottom.

My apologies for the confusing layout of this one. It’s supposed to go:

The happier tempo of life, victory winning against regret.

And that is all I have for today, my friends! I hope you enjoyed. ❤

Have you ever heard of/done blackout poetry? Which is your favorite? What is your favorite type of poetry?



20 thoughts on “Adventures in Blackout Poetry

      1. Lol yeah the tempest is like we’re stuck on an island and everyone wants to kill each other except for two clueless young people who of course are in love. XD Saaaaappppyyyyyyyyyy and cheeeeeeeessssyyyyyy. XD Still, even if I hate the plot his lines were fairly good. *salutes Shakespeare*. XD

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    very much so

    I went back through your post and reread it, trying to pick out a favorite but they ALL make me so happy. The stars and “happy flowers” and catching the emperor and victory and fortresses of ice and AAAHHHH it’s just all so beautiful.


    (did i mention this is making me happy???)

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  2. I never heard of blackout poetry, nor the other kind with book titles. Very interesting concept. I’m glad the journal is still being of use. 😊 I may go try this. I don’t think I even finished my own art assignment I gave you girls to do in the journals last spring. I may go do this.

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